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Vintage Inspired Roaring 20’s Candy Buffet

Here’s a fabulous candy buffet Kim from Two’s A Party styled for a ravishing Roaring 20’s party at The Reef in Long Beach. The antique feel was brought to life with and array of ivory and dust rose feathers as well as strings of classy pearls.
Ever had a grapefruit jelly candy?! Well let me tell you, it’s a party of citrus delight in your mouth. Kim used those joyous jellies along with strawberry puffs, watermelon pina colada sours, pink and white pearl sixlets, vanilla taffy, and chocolate kisses to complete this candy buffet.
We loved the fun ostrich feathers and boas that made this buffet a ROARING one. Kim had such a wonderful time at The Reef Hotel, and we can’t wait to go back!

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Cirque Du Candy

That’s right, step right up to see the one of a kind, delectable, captivating, imaginative Circus of Candy!

Let me tell you, this spectacular creation would make any trapeze artist do a flip or two. Kim created this booth for The Pike Event Gala to promote event facilities for The Pike of Long Beach back in September. The depth of the color pallet created a vintage feel that sets this buffet apart from any other. The sophistication of the long feathers and dark wood furnishings pull the look all together and reveals a 1920’s inspiration from her design.

From black magic balls to butterscotch, there’s something for everyone. Kim even threw in some sugar-free vanilla caramels! You can’t help but feel like you’ve stepped straight into an original Ringling Bros. Circus when you set your eyes on the old-fashioned licorice sticks, black and white whirly pops and salted popcorn. Maybe you’re in the mood for something sour?–Pucker your lips with some sour cherry balls or sour cherry sassy taffy.

Kim had such a blast putting together this Two’s a Party booth, and it shows! The tulle ribbon, festive fabrics, black and red buttons, and one of a kind candy dishes is what brings this buffet to the next level of creativity.

Photos by Caught in the Moment Photography


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