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Spunky Sweets Tropical Candy Buffet

Two’s A Party teamed up with Simply Layered Cake Designs to create this photoshoot as a way to showcase the creativity Kim has in her Candy Buffet styling. We called this one our Spunky Sweets. It had a tropical theme in the dessert flavors and the inspiration came from the backdrop fabric that we fell in love with!

Are those colors not the best? We loved the bright contrasts of the yellows, oranges and blues against the simplicity of the black and white accents. Yes, Kim built the tray- she’s so crafty! And Christy created some AMAZING desserts, as she always does. From Coconut Crunches to Blood Orange Tarts to Mango French Macaroons to Tropical Mini Cupcakes and cake pops. Oh, and the Lemon Meringue Parfaits! Wait, who gets to eat the desserts when we do a photoshoot?!?! Bring them back!


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Sink Your Vampire Teeth Into This Halloween Candy Buffet

Hello again! Sorry we haven’t posted anything for a while. Two’s a Party has been a little busy getting ready for the most magical time of the year- The Holidays! To celebrate the start of the holiday season, take a look at the Halloween Buffet Kim styled for a Halloween Costume Contest on October 29th at The Beach Club!

This buffet featured candies like Spooky Sour Balls in tangerine, grape and apple, grape and apple Sassy Taffy, Old Fashioned Licorice Sticks and big white gumballs. And to top off the Halloween spirit, she threw in some Black Magic Balls.


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